EHTIROS means Passion in Uzbek, and on this very great passion for textiles and traditional histories that this project settles down its roots. Apart from tickling curiosity about Central Asia and its treasures, we aim to translate a little part of the ancient Silk Road multi-ethnic history into 

a joyful garment of elegance. 

The complex and detailed patterns, along with the name of the brand and the ancient history behind its origins, convey a sense of majesty that is enhanced by the cut of the items. The infinite range of colours allows our costumers to match their look with their character and embrace a timeless piece through a unique textile experience.

The gestures that characterise the daily life of all women are our source of inspiration. We capture the time that give a break to the intense rhythm of our routines and bring the feelings of ease and comfort. We believe in those special moments that fill our life with strong emotions and bright shades. We know that the simplest of outfits can turn elegant and chic: a white shirt, a pair of blue jeans and sneakers immediately become part of a refined look by adding an EHTIROS piece to it. 

We engage to preserve the authentic know-how for the processing of raw materials and by the rules of fair trade we keep enriching the cultural exchange with Central Asia. All products are entirely hand-sewn on our directions to make each garment a unique piece.